New Plants

New Plants

S50 is the natural choice for any parties considering to build a new biodiesel facility from scratch, as it provides advantages both in terms of cost efficiency as well as premium product revenue generation.

New plants

Selecting S50 technology can help new entries secure a lowest-cost position, while producing premium advanced biofuels likely to command a price premium in the marketplace:

.On the cost side, S50 is the only technology that incorporates glycerine into the molecular structure of the biofuel, thereby achieving 100% atom efficiency, which represents a 10 point advantage vs the 90% atom efficiency of conventional biodiesel.
.On the revenue side, S50 is likely to command a price premium vs conventional biodiesel due to its unique properties in addressing air quality and global warming concerns, as well as to being the only biofuel that can be produced at competitive cost that qualifies as “Class A – Advanced Biodiesel” according to EU regulations.

Inkemia Advanced BF Ltd is ready to partner with any parties interested in establishing a biodiesel manufacturing facility to customize solutions to design, build and operate S50 technology plants.