S-50 Highlights

S-50 Highlights

S50 is the low-emissions, advanced automotive biofuel obtained from crude glycerin, oils and fats.

The following are S50’s key features:

Reduced exhaust emissions of diesel-S50 20% blends:

.Engine tests with diesel-S50 20% blends have shown 30%+ reduction in soot emissions vs. fossil diesel. Remarkably, this is achieved without increasing the NOx emissions.
.The S-50 molecule has 20% lower CO2 Emissions Potential than conventional biodiesel (FAME), resulting in greater greenhouse gas (GHG) savings irrespective of the feedstock used.

Engine performance of diesel-S50 20% blends:

.The energy yield and fuel consumption are similar to those measured for fossil diesel.

Fuel properties of diesel-S50 20% blends:

.The combination of S50 with fossil diesel is fully compliant with the specifications of the EN590 standard.
.The S50 blend displays 10%+ higher lubricity than conventional biodiesel.

Stability of S50:

.S50 is stable against oxidation and hydrolysis. Remarkably, S50 inhibits the growth of microorganisms and therefore the deterioration of the fuel, independently of the water content. Such property eliminates the need for costly antimicrobial agents.

Chemical properties of S50:

.S50 is a bio-ester derived from natural fatty acids that contains glycerol in its molecular structure. Its physicochemical properties and heat content are very similar to those of conventional biodiesel.


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By incorporating the glycerine into the biofuel’s molecular structure, the introduction of S50 into diesel blends results in a cleaner combustion, positioning S50 as the only available biofuel capable of making a significant contribution to addressing the Air Quality issues that are threatening human health in large, congested cities across the EU and globally.

Remarkably, a diesel blend including 20% S50 scores a reduction of as much as 30% in Small Particles (soot) without recording any corresponding increase in NOx.