About Us

Mission & Vision

Our mission

The mission of Inkemia Advanced BF Ltd is to build upon more than 10 years of Research & Development efforts by the Inkemia Group to:

.Bring S50 technology to industrial production scale;

.Position the new advanced biodiesel as the technology of choice in the “Class A - Advanced Biodiesel” segment;

.Expand the global market share of S50 as the most competitive biodiesel with the highest environmental benefits both in terms of global warming and air quality;

.Become a reliable supplier of Advanced Biodiesel products consistently delivering high quality, sustainable products in compliance with the most stringent norms;

.Continously innovate in the introduction of new feedstocks and solutions to obtain high-quality biofuels that do not interfere with the food supply chain;

Our vision

The vision of Inkemia Advanced BF Ltd is to make an impactful contribution to improving the sustainability of the transportation segment globally, by introducing high-quality, competitively –priced advanced biofuels that support the environment both in terms of fighting global warming (through the reduction of CO2 emissions) and improving air quality in large, congested cities (through the reduction of Small Particles, soot, and NOx).