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Inkemia group

InKemia Group

Inkemia Advanced BF Ltd belongs to the Inkemia Group, a Holding of technology SME’s founded in 1997 with Corporate HQ in Barcelona.

.Group of high-tech companies centered around the generation & exploitation of KNOWLEDGE, based on research and innovation to obtain new products, processes, services and technologies for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmeceutical and nutraceutical industries.

.Joined Spanish Stock Exchange in 2012 in “Expansion companies” segment of MAB (ticker IKM).

.68 Patents owned across 26 families... and another 150+ under evaluation.

.Inkemia core services span Basic R&D, Contract Research, Technological Services, Consulting, Training, Co-developments, etc.

.EMPREN Division was set up to bring new technology to market through “spin-offs” and participation in synergistic start-ups.

.Inkemia Advanced BioFuels Ltd is a spin-off registered in UK in 2016 to exploit Inkemia’s proprietary advanced biodiesel technology.